Creating a one of a kind fjord adventure is what drives Gloppen Experience. I believe my job is not simply guiding a hike or organising recreational activities; my goal is to let you experience the fjords in a unique and different way. To have an enthusiastic group of people enjoy the area in all its different ways and at the end of the day have them return relaxed and happy, that is what Gloppen Experience is all about.

Gloppen Experience is based in the Gloppen municipality, located in western Norway. I aim to be creative and give personal attention to all participants, so group size is limited. I utilize local entrepreneurs and local information. I also enjoy tailoring all trips to your specific wishes and needs.

I create and organise fjord tours that are thought out to the smallest detail. Booking an Experience guarantees a one-off tour of the fjords that will create memories to last a lifetime.

Core values describing Gloppen Tours are: personal, creative, surprising, unique, natural, flexible, modest.